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Patient Experience Chiropractic Huntington Laser
Patient Testimonials

Patient Experience

Boege Chiropractic & Huntington Laser is dedicated to providing the highest level of patient experience.  Our patients tell us they greatly appreciate our friendly and welcoming staff, and that they feel comfortable the moment they walk into our office.  Our caring and attentive staff will provide a pleasant experience each time you visit, and Dr. Boege will ensure therapy is personalized to you, making sure treatment brings maximum relief and healing.

Chiropractic Testimonials

I have a herniated disc which gave me severe sciatica.  I had excruciating pain, limped and could not stand up for longer than a minute or two.  I went to see my M.D., a neurologist, a spinal surgeon and a physical therapist for 6 weeks of treatment with no relief.  Then I went to Dr. Boege and after his chiropractic therapy I made steady progress and have been feeling great for several years.

I developed Asthma when I was eight years old and went to the doctor and an allergist but it didn’t help.  Then I went to Dr. Boege and he adjusted my neck and back and it worked.  I hardly have any problems anymore.

I had severe neck pain from an auto accident I was involved in.  I went to see Dr. Boege and he was able to help me get rid of all my neck pain and improve my mobility.

A friend recommended I visit Boege Chiropractic as I was a long term sufferer of back pain.  I met with Dr. Boege and following my first session of therapy I started feeling better.  Now my pain is gone completely.

I suffered from headaches for many years.  I went to Boege Chiropractic and following Dr. Boege’s treatment my headaches went away.  It was a miracle!

Huntington Laser Testimonials

I had a foot injury that caused severe pain for over 5 years.  I had gone to many doctors and physical therapists with no improvement or relief.  I thought I would have suffered the pain forever and gave up on ever feeling better.  Recently I discovered Huntington Laser and learned about Dr. Boege offering his K-Laser therapy.  I was at the point where I had nothing to lose so I met with Dr. Boege and following my first course of treatment I certainly felt an improvement.   The pain is now almost gone.

I had a condition called Dupuytren's contracture in my hand for over 20 years.  The condition prevented me from being able to straighten my finger.  I visited Huntington Laser and after one painless session with Dr. Boege’s K Laser I could straighten my finger and it has been great for over a year.

I suffered from pain in my thumbs which prevented me from using my hands very well.  Dr. Boege used the K-Laser on my hands and within two weeks my thumbs felt great and I could do more without pain.

For months after my shoulder surgery I was in agony, unable to lift my arm above my shoulders.  I saw a Physical therapist and it just caused me more pain and discomfort.  I visited Huntington Laser and underwent a course of Dr. Boege's K-Laser therapy.  After 8 treatments I felt great and could lift my arm straight above my head without any pain whatsoever.

I had severe back pain and nothing was helping.  Dr. Boege recommended the K-Laser which gave me fast relief from the pain.

I had chronic knee pain which caused me trouble when walking up and down stairs.  I had K-Laser treatments at Huntington Laser and my knee pain is now gone.

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